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iPod 4G Repair

* The Prices does not include Tax 24%.
* The Prices does not include Tax 24%.

We are able to replace the broken screen of your iPod Touch 4G with an OEM part and deliver it to you just like it was when you purchased it. Visit our experienced technical team in our lab who have been repaired dozens of those devices. They will replace the broken screen of iPod Touch 4G with a new extraordinary HD screen.

If the front glass screen of your iPod Touch 4G is broken, cracked, shattered or maybe is unstable and not responding, showing many lines and marks, then it can be replaced by a new outter touch screen (digitizer) and by an internal LCD screen.

The discoloration and scars on the screen may caused by a damage at the inner LCD screen.

Both digitizer and LCD screen are a single unit of iPod Touch 4G. After an unfortunate fall of your device this component might brake and then you'll need an immediate replacement. Serviceiphones and its technical crew can replace it for you directly!


Symptoms of a damaged Digitizer or LCD Screen:

  • The screen suddenly displays lines
  • The screen turned into white
  • The screen has low brightness
  • Unstable behavior of the screen
  • Bad responce time of the screen
  • Dead spots on the screen\
  • Applications open randomly
  • Cracks or brake
  • No respond when you touch the screen
  • You see black spots or ink marks on the screen

iPοd Touch 4G Screen and Digitizer Replacement

A Special offer with an OEM part replacement and a life time guarantee!!

If you have noticed any of the symptoms we mentioned before, all you have to do is bring us your iPod Touch 4G and we will replace the damages screen and digitizer with genuine OEM parts.

Repair WarrantyRepair Warranty

Many repairs in iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad, iPod. Feel free to visit one of our Labs and we’ll repair any kind of damage. Professional repair with a life time guarantee on LCD and Digitizers! Stores