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iPad 3 Repair

* The Prices does not include Tax 24%.
* The Prices does not include Tax 24%.

New iPad 3 Digitizer Replacement!

iPad 3 is here to stay and it is the new technological achievement of Apple. Despite the fact that it is a new brand, we already have calls about broken screen replacements.

Maybe you weren't aware of the fact that if your New iPad 3 has been broken there is a pretty simple way to fix it and make it look completely new!. You don't have to search for a solution because we are able to repair it for you replacing the broken part with a completely new OEM digitizer for your precious iPad 3.

iPad 3 Digitizer ReplacementIf you had a misfortune and your new iPad 3 fell down and broke then you surely will need such a replacement.

Digitizer Failure Indications:
  1. Your screen isn't responding well
  2. Some spplications will open randomly without even touching your cell
  3. No respons when you touch the screen
  4. Crack or braking spots
  5. Dead spots on the screen

Replace your iPad 3's Digitizer

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, bring iPad 3 to our lab, 50 Ioulianou str., in Athens. Serviceiphones and its high experienced technical team, are able to fix such damages, by replacing the broken digitizer with a new genuine (OEM) spare and a Lifetime Warranty for LCD screen and Digitizer!

Repair WarrantyRepair Warranty

Many repairs in iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad, iPod. Feel free to visit one of our Labs and we’ll repair any kind of damage. Professional repair with a life time guarantee on LCD and Digitizers! Stores