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Water damaged iPad 3 repair

If the worst happens to your iPad 3, which is your device to fall into water, do not let panic overwhelm you. For sure though, it is a fault that requires immediate and rapid reactions on your behalf.

What exactly is the danger?

In this unfortunate situation, the risk posed is essentially the oxidation of the iPad's motherboard, which, if it happens, is almost irreparable. This means that the time that will pass once the iPad 3 gets wet until the moment you arrive at one of our stores is crucial. Beware, however; there are some things you can immediately do to facilitate the restoration of the water damaged iPad 3.

Immediate actions:

Turn off the iPad 3 - to slow down the motherboard's oxidation

Drain moisture while avoiding the use of extreme heat (e.g. hair dryer, microwave etc.), which can overheat and destroy the device

Wrap the device in absorbent paper (e.g. paper towels, napkins)

If the accident has been caused by sea water do not hesitate to rinse out the iPad with tap water immediately


If your iPad 3 gets water damaged, bring it to any of our stores without losing any time. This will increase your chances for a successful repair.

You should know that for the water damaged iPad 3 repair specialized tools are necessary, such as the high power ultrasonic cleaner, which only well-equipped laboratories as ours have. This means that it is impossible to perform the repair yourself.

Repair costs:

The cost of the water damaged iPad 3 repair depends on whether the device is repairable and the parts, which will be needed in the case there has been caused some other damage.

Our experienced technicians will make sure to check your device in detail and ascertain that a repair is possible. We offer you this repair at the most competitive market price.

Come to our closest store:

Do not be late. Come directly to one of our stores, our rapid response can increase the chances of a successful repair up to 70%!

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