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iPad 3 GPS antenna repair

Your favorite tablet, iPad 3 offers many capabilities. It is a mean of direct access to the Internet, a quality camera but also a reliable tool for navigating within and outside the city.

It has a built-in GPS receiver signal that can help you in planning your route so that you do not lose your way and you get as soon as possible to your destination.

Of course the GPS antenna may get damaged due to normal wear of the device or because of an accidental blow or a fall.

iPad 3 GPS antenna damage description

If you have a damaged iPad 3 GPS antenna, then you will experience the following malfunctions:

  • Unable to locate your exact position
  • You cannot plan your route
  • The GPS navigation application does not start
  • Unable to connect to satellites

These problems can surely trouble you. But there is no reason to worry. iPad 3 GPS antenna repair is feasible and effective.

iPad 3 GPS antenna repair procedure

Our skilled technicians can make an accurate diagnosis of the lesion. If the fault is detected at the antenna GPS, you will need to repair it.

Our experts have selected the best quality and efficient spare parts available in the market. We care these to be always OEM and perfectly compatible with the iPad 3.

Come directly to any iRed store

All our workshops are designed in a manner to be a safe and suitable environment for any iPad 3 repair.

Furthermore, we have equipped our labs with the latest technology tools to guarantee the maximum accuracy of all our services.

Just request it from us and you can take advantage of our affordable and effective iPad 3 GPS antenna repair.

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