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iPad 3 microphone repair

The excellent high-tech tablet, iPad 3 offers countless capabilities to its user. Many of these are based on the audio recording features supported by the device's microphone.

Certainly the ability to record audio or video recording with sound is one of the basic functions of most portable devices. In the case of the iPad 3, however, you can use numerous applications, such as voice notes or several entertaining applications for audio processing.

The most important use is via the application FaceTime. With it you can be in direct communication with your contacts by making quality video calls. A possible malfunction of the microphone would prevent you from using all these features.

iPad 3 microphone damage

The microphone is a sensitive component and can get damaged if it gets hit or it is exposed to dust or moisture. Some common symptoms of iPad 3 microphone damage are the following:

  • Your recordings have low volume
  • Your interlocutors cannot hear you clearly
  • Audio recording do not work
  • The microphone does no function at all

These problems render your device non functional. The only way to restore the damage is iPad 3 microphone repair.

iPad 3 microphone repair procedure

The iPad 3 microphone repair is in each case a demanding task. The iPad is a delicate tablet and needs special tools and technical knowledge to be a successfully repaired.

Our laboratories are fully equipped with the latest technology tools. Our workbenches are built to facilitate secure and safe iPad 3 microphone repair.

Come directly at your closest iRed store

Our experts have selected premium quality OEM spare parts. These give perfect results at every iPad 3 microphone repair. Just ask us and we will perform guaranteed iPad 3 microphone at an affordable price.

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