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iPod touch 4G front camera repair

iPod touch 4g front camera repair

The high technology iPod touch 4g is equipped with integrated and high quality cameras. So whenever you want, you can to capture the images you want to keep as memories to remind you of your important personal moments.

Specifically, the front camera of the iPod touch 4g provides us with additional functions. Now you can make video calls with your friends via FaceTime, an Apple’s application through which you can always get in touch with your contacts, if you have access to Wi-Fi network.

iPod touch 4g front camera damage symptoms

If the iPod touch 4g front camera is defective, you will notice the following indications:

  • You cannot use FaceTime
  • Low quality images
  • Digital noise appears in photos
  • The camera is broken
  • Is not working at all
  • iPod touch 4g front camera damage common causes

The damage that leads to iPod touch 4g front camera repair is usually caused by:

  • Hitting the iPod
  • Unlucky fall
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Manufacturing defect

Whatever is the cause of the damage, the only guaranteed solution is to repair the front camera by replacing it with a new one.

iPod touch 4g front camera repair procedure

First of all a device's control takes place by our experts. In this way we confirm that the malfunction of the camera is caused by a component's damage and not by a software error.

It is highly likely to perform an iPod touch 4g front camera repair. During it we always use the best OEM spare parts available on the market.

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