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iPod touch 4G jack cable repair

iPod touch 4g jack cable repair

The jack cable is the iPod's slot on which you enter your headphones. The iPod touch, as a device that is primarily designed to play media, needs to always have a great sound performance during playback from earphones.

Damage indications

However, it is not surprising to face some damage and need an iPod touch 4g jack cable repair. It is likely to encounter the following problems in the operation of the iPod touch:

  • Low-volume sound from the headphones
  • Only one sound channel is heard Sound plays intermittently
  • You hear noise or interference during music playback
  • No sound plays from headphones
  • The most likely causes for the occurrence of the damage are:
  • The iPod touch has been dropped or hit
  • Unsuitable headphones marred the reception
  • The jack cable has been damaged by heavy iPod use

To restore the damage, you will need to have an iPod touch 4g jack cable repair. The repair of the damage is performed by replacing the damaged jack cable with a new one.

iPod touch 4g jack cable repair procedure

The iPod touch must be opened to access its interior, where the jack cable is installed. This should be removed from the motherboard and in its place it will be mounted a brand new OEM spare part.

Come to your nearest ired store

Our specialists will verify if the damage is caused by a faulty jack cable or by something different, such as:

  • Damaged headphones
  • Poor quality music files
  • A software error or some wrong settings
  • Broken buttons

In case of jack cable damage we will move on to replace it. Our iPod touch OEM jack cable spare parts have always high quality and specifications. Our affordable repairs are always successfully completed by the care of our experienced technicians.

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