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iPod touch 4G battery replacement

iPod touch 4g battery replacement

The outstanding features of iPod touch 4g make us have it always with us and use it constantly. If you are intensively using it, it is normal for its battery to run out fast. But what if the iPod battery even after full charge, is not enough for an hour of use?

Then perhaps the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced, in order to use your iPod again for as long as you need it.

Malfunction indications

Usually after the first year of your iPod use, malfunctions such as the following appear:

  • Extremely low battery performance
  • Inability to perform a full charge
  • A full charge does not last more than two hours
  • The iPod does not turn on

If you're experiencing any of the above, then you need an iPod touch 4g battery replacement.

Procedure of iPod touch 4g battery replacement

Our experienced technicians will examine your device to see if the battery is really responsible for the malfunctions that occur.

Will diagnose the damage and estimate the duration and the cost of the iPod touch 4g battery replacement.

If you agree, we will proceed immediately to repair the damage:

  • We will safely open the iPod touch 4g
  • We will extract the old battery with attention
  • We will install your new battery with care

Come directly to any ired store

Our expert technicians have chosen the best OEM spare parts available in the market. They have high performance and high durability. Our guaranteed quality service will make the iPod touch 4g work better and more efficiently than when it was new!

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