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iPod touch 4G dock connector repair

iPod touch 4g dock connector repair

The dock connector is the USB cable socket to connect to pc, which also be used to charge your portable device.

Damage of the connector's contacts can have consequences over the functionality of the iPod touch 4g. Caution is needed when using the dock connector to avoid blows that can cause damage to it. But even if you are careful enough, normal wear of the device from its continual use can cause problems such as the following:

  • Unable to charge your device properly
  • Charging is impossible
  • Unable to sync to iTunes
  • iPod touch accessories do not work

If you experience the above problems, iPod touch 4g dock connector repair is the only way to restore the damage.

iPod touch 4g dock connector repair procedure

iPod touch 4g dock connector repair is a difficult and demanding task. We need to open your iPod touch to gain access to the dock connector. This is welded onto the main board of the device. The detachment of the old dock connector should be done with diligence.

Then with the same care we precisely place and install the new dock connector. This work requires specialized equipment and highly trained and experienced technicians.

Come directly to any ired store

iRed's experts are well trained and have taken over countless times successful iPod touch 4g dock connector repair. We are available to inspect your device and let you know in detail about the process of iPod touch 4g dock connector repair.

In our repairs we always use the best OEM spare parts that are available in the market. We make sure to have the most durable and efficient spare parts that are also fully compatible with iPod touch 4g.

Take advantage of our competitive prices at which our guaranteed quality repairs are offered.

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