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iPod touch 3G home button cable repair

iPod touch 3g home button cable repair

The use of the iPod is mainly realized through its large touchscreen. However, many of the iPods functions are completed by the home button, which is located under the device's touchscreen.

Management, opening and closing of applications is done by pressing the home button. A damage of the internal home button mechanism may reduce the functionality of your device.

Damage description:

The following malfunctions are common in case of iPod touch 3g home button cable damage:

  • Sometimes the button does not work
  • You need to apply a lot of pressure for it to function
  • Your home button has stopped working

These malfunctions are a result of the home button cable's wear or of a device's accident. The functionality of your iPod will remain low if you do not request an iPod touch 3g home button cable repair.


The only way to address the damage is to have an iPod touch 3g home button cable repair. This is executed by replacing the old home button cable with a new one.

Our experienced technicians are ready to diagnose the damage as soon as they receive your iPod.

iPod touch 3g home button cable repair might seem an easy process, but in reality it is not.

To replace this component, we must be open your device and detach almost all its internal components.

Hence, to successfully complete this process the appropriate knowledge and experience is required.

Come directly to your nearest ired store

Our experts have chosen the best parts available in the market. A durable and quality OEM spare part will be used in the iPod touch 3g home button cable repair.

To conclude, our high quality repairs are offered at prices that are always friendly and highly competitive.

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