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iPod touch 3G battery replacement

iPod touch 3g battery replacement

The many uses and capabilities of the iPod touch have made it necessary in all our activities.

Certainly the logical result of its heavy use is to reduce the performance of your battery. An extremely annoying malfunction, as it is likely that your battery would barely last for an hour or two.

Damage indications

The following are iPod touch 3g battery damage indications:

  • Reduced operation time
  • Unable to charge the iPod
  • Cannot activate the device

If you experience the above problems, your device must be checked to determine if you need to have an iPod touch 3g battery replacement.

iPod touch 3g battery replacement procedure

Our specialists will immediately recognize the damage and will inform you about it. The only solution for this damage is the iPod touch 3g battery replacement.

The spare parts we use are always perfectly compatible with your iPod touch 3g. Our iPod's battery performance will be better than that of your old battery, as it will give you more hours of use.

Come directly to any ired store

Our experienced technicians will make sure to serve you as quickly as possible. Your device should be opened to get access inside it.

We will disconnect and remove the old battery. Afterwards we are going to safely install your new battery.

Last step after the completion of the iPod touch 3g battery replacement, we will check your device to verify its correct operation.

Take advantage of the highly competitive price iPod touch 3g battery replacement is offered.

We know how important your device is to you and we make sure that we complete the repair as soon as possible.

Repair WarrantyRepair Warranty

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