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iPod touch 3G digitizer replacement

Your iPod is controlled by its large touchscreen. In case of digitizer damage, the device's use can be impossible. The whole operation system's user interface is based on the functionality of the touchscreen.

iPod touch 3G digitizer damage indications

  • If your iPod suffers a blow or fall, it is very likely its digitizer to get damaged. The digitizer is very sensitive and should be handled with care, in order to avoid problems like the following:
  • Broken or cracked screen
  • The touchscreen works intermittently
  • Your touch does not get recognized in some parts of the screen
  • Applications open and close arbitrarily

iPod touch 3G digitizer damage causes

The digitizer's damage may be a result of the continuous use of your beloved iPod touch 3G. If the device is not properly protect during its use, transportation, as well as during storage, can be exposed to risks.

Screen's injury is the main cause of digitizer damage and malfunction, which leads to iPod touch 3G digitizer replacement as the only solution.

iPod touch 3G digitizer replacement procedure

The digitizer is in front of the LCD screen of your iPod. iPod touch 3G digitizer replacement requires great care to avoid the LCD screen's damage during the repair.

Also it is very important that the spare part which is used for the replace to have high quality and be fully compatible with your iPod.

The device must be tested to determine the damage and to confirm that the other components work properly.

If the digitizer is damaged, we will perform an iPod touch 3G digitizer replacement to restore it.

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