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iPod Touch 2G battery replacement

The advanced portable players do not accept conventional batteries, which need replacement every day. Technology allows us to have a great and efficient rechargeable battery inside our device. Besides better battery performance and increased operation time, you save money, because you do not have to buy new batteries every other day.

However overtime it is expected that your battery performance will begin to decline. Then you will need an iPod touch 2g battery replacement. This process, however, requires technical knowledge, as there can be no access to the interior of the device without its disassembled.

iPod touch 2g battery replacement indications

If you are not satisfied with the iPod's battery performance, you should proceed to iPod touch 2g battery replacement. Specifically, the problems you might encounter are the following:

  • A full charge cannot power the device for more than one to two hours.
  • The battery cannot get charged and you are either forced to keep your device on charge continuously
  • or it is impossible to turn it on.

Technical support for iPod touch 2g battery replacement

iRed's experienced technicians have the skills to remove your old battery and successfully replace it with a new one.

The most difficult steps of this task is to carefully open the device and its correctly perform its closure. If the device is opened by someone who does not know the internal design architecture of the device can cause damage to its sensitive cables and delicate components.

Come directly at your closest iRed store

Your iPod will be opened in a special environment in our laboratories. The removal of the old battery will be careful and safe. Then we will install your new battery. The parts we use are selected from our experts. We always use efficient high quality OEM spare parts.

The result of iPod touch 2g battery replacement will amaze you, as the device will be more power efficient than when it was new.

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