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iPad mini Wi-Fi antenna repair

The useful and portable iPad mini is equipped with a Wi-Fi antenna, which is needed to use and exploit the capabilities provided via wireless connection to the internet.

What exactly is the Wi-Fi antenna?

The Wi-Fi antenna is mounted at the base of the device and allows wireless connection to the internet free of charge. This way you can enjoy the countless applications that are offered for your device, e.g. manage of your email, communication via Facebook, Twitter, Google, video calls and generally browsing the internet.

Damage indications:

You will immediately identify the iPad mini Wi-Fi antenna damage when your device:

  • has weak signal reception
  • receives no signal at all
  • does not show any Wi-Fi networks
  • display the message "No Wi-Fi"
  • you cannot use Bluetooth

In this case the iPad mini will not connect to the internet in public or private places, where free wireless network is offered.


If the Wi-Fi antenna of your device is damaged, it can be repaired. Our experienced technicians are available to solve the problem quickly and properly.

Come to our nearest store:

Do not delay at all. We wait for you in one of our stores to directly and professionally solve the problem of your device. You should be aware that the iPad mini Wi-Fi antenna repair requires special attention, since it is necessary to disassemble the device.

As with all our repairs, we will only use new and durable OEM spare parts. We also care about completing the iPad mini Wi-Fi antenna repair directly, quickly and correctly. We offer you our high quality and guaranteed services at the most competitive prices.

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