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iPad mini jack cable repair

The iPad mini microphone is a useful component, however it can present a malfunction or suffer a total failure anytime. If this happens to you do not get stress, because it is a damage that can be successfully be restored.

What exactly is the iPad mini microphone?

The microphone is a key tool of the iPad mini necessary for video-calls, audio recording and video recording with sound. It is also a useful component that is required by numerous applications.

Damage indications:

If you notice one day that the people you converse with cannot hear you because the microphone:

  • is malfunctioning
  • works intermittently
  • does not work at all,

Certainly it has suffered some damage. You will notice that it would be impossible to record sound in any application. One way to verify the microphone damage is to use a hand-free microphone. If everything works fine the the problem is definately cause by the iPad's mini microphone.


Our technicians have extensive experience in iPad mini repair and can easily fix your broken microphone iPad mini. They will check your device and will inform you about the necessary repair.

Come to our nearest store:

If our technicians determine that an iPad mini microphone repair is feasible we will advance to the replacement of the damaged component with a new one, of course after we have your consent. To repair the iPad mini microphone, as we do in all our repairs, we always use OEM spare parts of top quality, perfectly compatible with your device. After repairing the damage your device will function like new.

We care finalizing our repairs as quickly as possible, to have your iPad mini rapidly returned to you.

As always we offer you our services at the best prices.

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