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iPad 4 SIM card reader repair

The SIM card reader performs an important role in the operation of your device, since it allows you to access the SIM card of your iPad 4.

What exactly is the SIM card reader?

The SIM card reader is a device that has six contacts, on which rests the SIM card be recognized by the device. Understandably, it plays a vital role in the function of the iPad 4.

Damage indications

What harm could your SIM card reader suffer? The standard is one or more of its six contacts, which support the SIM card, to get cut or bent. In this case the device will not be able to access any SIM card, so you will no longer have access to it nor you could save information on it. To make sure that the problem is caused by the SIM card reader rather than the SIM card, you will get displayed the message "No SIM", even if the SIM card is properly installed.

Therefore, the usual signs are:

  • You do not have access to your contacts
  • Cannot connect to any network
  • "No SIM" message displayed

If you have tried with different SIM cards and you are sure that they do not cause the malfunction, you will probably need to have an iPad 4 SIM card reader repair.


This is a serious damage, since you can no longer access your contacts or any 3G network, except if you take care for an immediate iPad 4 SIM card reader repair. For the repair it is necessary to detach the faulty component and replace it with a new spare part. Licensed technicians are ready to conduct the necessary device check and inform you about its duration and cost.

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