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iPad 4 rear camera repair

Your iPad 4 has become an essential every day tool. Among its many strengths is the rear camera of the device, thanks to which you capture in video your most important moments.

What exactly is the rear camera of iPad 4?

The 5MP rear camera is of excellent quality and utilizes modern technology which allows you to take great pictures any time, with great ease. It also provides video recording @ 1080p high definition quality, while also demonstrating a technology for image stabilization as well as filters to offer perfect photos and video.

Damage indications

However, like any portable device, the iPad 4 is constantly exposed to the risk of a fall or collision, which may damage the rear camera. The usual damage signs are:

  • low quality photos
  • digital noise
  • dead spots or patches

If you notice some or all of these signs on your device, then you certainly need to proceed to an iPad 4 rear camera repair.


Do not worry. The rear camera repair is possible and will fully restore the function of your device. Our technicians are eager to serve you and inform you about the necessary repair.

Come to our nearest store:

Come directly to your closest iRed store. Our professional technicians will meticulously check device and let you know if it is necessary to repair the iPad's rear camera. We will replace the faulty component of your device with a new one fully compatible OEM spare part of high quality. We will carry out the iPad 4 rear camera repair as early as possible, to get your repair iPad 4 back quickly.

We always offer you our unsurpassed quality service at the most competitive prices!

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