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iPad 4 microphone repair

The iPad 4 accompanies you everywhere and fills your time with applications, multimedia and other countless features. One of the device's key components is its microphone.

What exactly is the iPad 4 microphone?

The microphone is the component built into your iPad and allows you to realize video calls via 3G cellular network or through a Wi-Fi network. If the microphone has suffered total damage or has started malfunctioning, this can limit the iPad 4 uses, a certainly undesirable result.

Damage indications

If you have a damaged iPad microphone, you will notice that your interlocutors in FaceTime:

  • is hard to hear you
  • only hear noise
  • they cannot hear you at all

You will also notice:

  • inability to record any audio
  • noise in your recordings


This damage is dealt directly by our technicians. We will check your device to accurately track the damage it has suffered and we will then let you know about the time required to restore it.

Come to our nearest store:

Do not waste time. Come to your nearest store and let our experienced in iPad repair technical staff to provide you with a professional solution to your problem. To repair the microphone we will replace the faulty component with a new OEM spare part of high quality, which is fully compatible with your device. We will finish iPad 4 microphone repair in the shortest possible time and will deliver you a device that functions brilliantly as new.

Of course, we always offer our premium services at the most competitive prices.

Repair WarrantyRepair Warranty

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