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iPad 4 LCD screen repair

The iPad 4 is admittedly a very useful device that you have everywhere and always with you. But what happens if it falls and has its LCD screen broken?

What exactly is the iPad 4 LCD screen?

The LCD screen offers an image of 1536 x 2048 pixels, in its display of 9.7 inches diagonal. The technology used is that of liquid crystal display, which ensures that you enjoy high quality image in the impressing iPad 4 thin screen.

Damage indications:

It is known that the iPad screen is more sensitive than a laptop screen. Unfortunately it is likely that an accident will cost you the damage of the iPad 4 LCD screen. If you have a damaged iPad 4 LCD screen, you will understand it immediately observing the following indications:

  • colored spots or patches
  • black lines
  • defective pixels

It is clear that your screen is broken and that it is necessary to search for an appropriate iPad 4 LCD screen repair.


If you face a similar circumstance, do not panic, as it is not fatal to your device and will not have to buy a new one. It is a damage that can be repaired easily - of course the iPad 4 LCD screen repair should be done following the proper techniques and using the correct replacement part.

Come to our nearest store:

In our laboratories we are available to repair this damage that makes the use of the device difficult to you. Our technicians are all licensed and experienced in iPad 4 LCD screen repair. They will check your device and will discuss with you about the necessary repair as well as its cost. You must know that for every iPad 4 LCD screen repair, we always use only OEM spare parts, which are new, high quality and completely compatible with your device. We care to complete the repair as fast as possible, for you to get quickly back your valuable device.

What about the cost? No matter how much you search, you will not find a corresponding value for such a high quality and durable service as the one we offer you.

Repair WarrantyRepair Warranty

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