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iPad 2 3G antenna repair

iPad 2 3G antenna repair

With the popular tablet, Apple iPad 2, you can take advantage of wireless 3G networks with rapid data transfer. The speed you are offered can even be compared to that of some Wi-Fi networks.

Your favorite device has a special 3G antenna, which is responsible for sending and receiving data packages.

If you experience difficulty connecting to 3G networks, the antenna of your device can be damaged.

iPad 2 3G antenna damage description

First you should check if your SIM card operates normally. Then confirm that the area in which you are located is covered by 3G signal. If you still encounter problems, such as the following:

  • Unable to find signal
  • Weak signal
  • You cannot get connected
  • Low-speed data transfer

Then it is very likely to have a damaged 3G antenna and you will need to replace it.

iPad 2 3G antenna repair

The only way to have guaranteed solution to your problem is to replace the damaged antenna. You just have to come at our stores to test your device. If the damage gets confirmed you will need to replace the 3G antenna.

The speed and efficiency of our service are a given. We have extensive experience in iPad 2 repair. iRed's specialists have chosen the best OEM spare parts of the market. These are suitable for your device and have excellent performance.

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iRed's experts are at your disposal for the immediate treatment of your device's problem. Our quality and guaranteed services are always offered at affordable prices.

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