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iPad 2 jack cable repair

The iPad's component that includes the headphone socket is your jack cable. This is useful in many cases. In places where there is excessive noise or when we do not want to disturb those around us. If the headphone jack gets spoiled, you will not be able to use any earphones; this can significantly affect the functionality of our device.

iPad 2 jack cable damage

Dust, moisture and intense use of the device is sufficient to cause wear and tear that can result in jack cable damage. There is another possibility the iPad 2 to suffer a hit or a fall strong enough to cause permanent damage to the jack cable.

The symptoms of the damage may be one or more of the following:

  • Only one channel of sound is heard
  • Headphones do not play any sound

If you notice some of these malfunctions on your iPad 2, then it is likely to have a permanent jack cable damage. In this case iPad 2 jack cable repair will be necessary to restore the damage.

iPad 2 jack cable repair procedure

Our experienced technicians can instantly diagnose your iPad's 2 damage. If the fault is detected in the jack cable, we will inform you accordingly.

For the repair jack cable iPad 2 it is necessary to disassemble the device. Our laboratories are fully equipped with the proper tools to safely perform the repair.

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We have selected the best OEM spare parts of the market for every iPad 2 repair, as well as for iPad 2 jack cable repair. You will be surprised by the affordable price at which we offer our quality services as well as from the excellent results.

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