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iPad 2 power button repair

The power button of your iPad 2 is the key which turns your tablet on or off. Power button's wear or a blow of it can cause damage. As a result it is difficult or impossible to use the button.

The worst in this case is that you lose control of one of the basic device's functions.

iPad 2 power button damage

This button, which is essentially the power switch of your device, can have the following signs:

  • Breaking
  • Scratches

iPad 2 power button repair is the only way to restore the button to its original condition.


Power button repair is essentially the replacement the damaged key with a brand new OEM spare part.

This procedure should only be performed by experienced and qualified technicians.

This is because a sensitive high-tech device as the iPad should be opened only under special circumstances and with the right tools. Otherwise it is very likely to cause damage to one of the internal components.

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We have specially designed laboratories for our repairs and all the necessary technology equipment.

Our experts always work with great diligence when installing the high quality spare parts, which we have chosen for our quality work.

You just have to ask us, and you too can make your iPad 2 like new. You will be surprised by the amazing prices at which we offer our unique repairs, such as iPad 2 power button repair.

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