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iPad 2 home button repair

iPad 2 home button damage

The touchscreen of the iPad 2 is more than enough to complete almost any task on your device. But you also have to use the home button for some basic functions such as the application management. Home button is very useful because it allows you to create shortcuts, which you can exploit by pressing it. Frequent use can wear the home button, but in case of a fall or a blow more direct damage can be caused.

Damage indications

The damage of the home button cannot be unnoticed, as it will have obvious symptoms like these:

  • Scratches
  • Breaking
  • Loss

These can make the use of the button from annoying and difficult to even impossible. The only solution is iPad 2 home button repair.

iPad 2 home button repair procedure

Following the established recognition and confirmation of the damage begins the process of repair:

  • We open the iPad 2
  • After having access to the key, it will be removed safely
  • Then we will install a new OEM replacement

The process is really simple, but that does not make it easy:

  • First of all the place where repair is done must be suitable, such as iRed's laboratories.
  • Technicians that intervene inside the device must have knowledge and experience on the task.
  • Beyond general knowledge technicians need specialization in iPad and the ability to use specialized equipment.

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