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iPad 2 rear camera repair

iPad 2 rear camera repair

The second generation iPad is one of the most successful tablets of the market. Its quality built and its excellent features have made it popular.

One of the major additions, compared to the first iPad, is its rear camera. This can take quality photographs and video. You have the ability to store your photos and share them with your friends.

Damage description:

It is very likely that your favorite iPad 2 can get damaged to its rear camera.

The causes of failure are usually the following:

  • Hit by hard object
  • Fall to the ground
  • Device wetting
  • Defective camera
  • Misuse

Depending on the cause of the damage the symptom can be affected. The symptoms of damage usually are the following:

  • Poor quality shots
  • You cannot capture video
  • Do not open the camera application
  • The camera has suffered physical damage

If you notice similar problems with your iPad 2, you will need to repair its rear camera.

Repair process

To restore the damage we will have to replace the problematic rear camera. The repair can be performed at any of our stores.

Experienced iRed's technicians will immediately recognize the damage and will inform you about the details of the repair.

Come to your nearest iRed store

The spare parts we use are always OEM of high quality, performance and durability. Our experts have chosen to always offer the best possible result in every iPad 2 rear camera repair.

We are available to perform the iPad rear camera repair. Our guaranteed services are offered at the best prices.

Repair WarrantyRepair Warranty

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