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Water damaged iPad 1 repair

It may sound scary, but it is possible that your iPad 1 falls in water sometime. It is a repairable damage, but it undoubtedly requires immediate and proper response.

What exactly is the damage?

If your device gets water damaged, the worst case is its logic board to get oxidized, and this cannot be repaired. That is why it is necessary to bring your iPad 1 as soon as possible to any of our stores. It is also important that you take immediate actions to facilitate your iPad's rescue.

Immediate actions:

  • Switch off your iPad 1 and do not switch it on for any reason
  • Drain the moisture, however do not use intense heat sources (e.g. hairdryer, microwave etc.) which can overheat your iPad and cause additional damage
  • Wrap it on absorbent paper (e.g. kitchen paper, paper towels)
  • If it fell into seawater, rinse it immediately with fresh water


The most important thing you have to do is to bring us your device as soon as possible to any of our stores. In this way there are more chances to successfully repair your device. Water damaged iPad 1 repair needs the use of specialized tools, like the high power ultrasonic cleaner, that only our specialized laboratories have. As you see it is not recommended to attempt the Water damaged iPad 1 repair by yourself.

Cost of repair:

The cost of water damaged iPad 1 repair depends on if your device is repairable. Another basic factor that will affect the price is the number of spare parts that will be used in case that the device has additional damage.

Our technicians will perform the necessary control, during which they will determine if water damaged iPad 1 repair is achievable. In addition for this repair we have the most competitive prices.

Come to our closest store:

Do not waste time! Come as soon as possible to any of our stores, as the immediate repair of damage can raise the chances of successful damage recovery up to 70%!

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