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iPad 1 Wi-Fi antenna repair

One of the most useful iPad 1 features is its ability to connect to the internet wirelessly through Wi-Fi network. In this way you have immediate access to your files and your accounts.

One of the Wi-Fi connection's advantages is that you do not get charged for this service. So you can communicate with your contacts on social networks for free.

To make this connection possible, there is an integrated Wi-Fi antenna on your device. It functions as a transmitter and also as a digital signal receiver.

Damage indications:

If your antenna gets damaged, you will face these malfunctions:

  • Difficulty in finding a network
  • Display of a « No Wi-Fi » message
  • You cannot retain a connection
  • It is impossible to find or connect to a network
  • Bluetooth does not work

To reclaim the lost functionality of your device, you will need to repair your iPad 1 Wi-Fi antenna.


iPad 1 Wi-Fi antenna repair is feasible by using a proper spare part. It will be needed to dismantle your device and remove the old antenna. Afterwards follows the installation of new and premium quality OEM spare part.

Come to any iRed store:

We have vast experience in iPad repair and we know every device's architecture. That is why we have our labs equipped with the latest technology tools. Additionally we have also ensured the maximum safety of any device's repair.

You just have to come to our stores and confirm the high level of the technical support we offer you. iPad 1 Wi-Fi antenna repair will have the desired result, while its cost is extremely competitive.

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