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iPad 1 LCD screen replacement

iPad 1 is an amazing device, that is why you always carry it with you. But what happens if you break its LCD screen?

What exactly is iPad 1 LCD?

The LCD screen is comfortable in use and impressively large, it is one of iPad's advantages. Its liquid crystals technology ensures the impressive quality image you enjoy on this thin screen.

Damage indications:

iPad's screen is more sensitive than the laptop's. So, if you hit it or drop it by mistake, it is possible to get damaged. How will you realize that your LCD screen is damaged? It is simple. If you notice that:

  • your screen is white or very dark
  • you cannot see anything on screen
  • there are black lines
  • or black spots, which are defective pixels,

then you have to be sure that your screen is damaged and you should properly repair it.


Undoubtedly it is an unpleasant damage, but you should know that it is repairable. This is why you do not have to worry. The LCD screen is a repairable spare part - just trust your technicians for a repair with the proper spare parts.

Come to your closest iRed store:

We are at your disposal for the proper iPad 1 LCD screen repair. Our technicians, qualified and experienced in iPad 1 LCD screen repair, are always available to control your device and inform you about all the details which are related to the proper iPad 1 LCD screen repair as well as for the cost. It is important to know that for every iPad 1 LCD screen repair we use new, quality and completely compatible with your device OEM spare parts. We also perform this repair as soon as possible.

As for the cost, you will not find better prices.

Repair WarrantyRepair Warranty

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