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iPhone 5 speaker repair

The damage or malfunction of iPhone's 5 speaker, is something that may occur after a long period of usage. And it's normal, since a device that gets a heavy everyday usage is expected to wear and tear.

What exactly is the speaker of the iPhone 5?

The speaker is one of the key components of the iPhone 5. Specifically, it is that part of the iPhone 5 device through which you listen when your device rings. Through the speaker you can also enjoy any music or movie file you desire to, even if it is located in your device storage or available online.

Damage indications

If you notice that the speaker of your device :

  • has low volume
  • has poor sound quality ( creak or interference )
  • works intermittently
  • does not work at all,

the speaker is definitely damaged. This reduces the usefulness of the device, as it is even possible to miss important incoming calls. So it should be definitely repaired.


Face directly and effectively the damaged speaker of your iPhone 5 . In our stores we have certified and experienced technicians who are ready for iPhone 5 speaker repair . We will arrange the immediate replacement of the affected part of your device with a new one.

Come to our closest store

After the necessary control we will perform, always with your consent, the iPhone 5 speaker repair. We always use the highest quality, OEM replacement parts, which are 100% compatible with your device. It is a service that is completed within a few hours, in our stores. You will receive from us a device that will sound like new!

Contact us without any delay and our staff will inform you about the steps we need to follow in order to have your device repaired. You can bring it yourself or mail it to us.

And the most important thing: You will not find more competitive prices for a quality and guaranteed service as the one we offer.

Repair WarrantyRepair Warranty

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