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iPhone 5 sim card case repair

The sim card case of the iPhone 5 is needed to properly insert the sim card in it but also to protect it from unwanted wear. Certainly, the frequent use may in time lead to wear, as can happen to other parts of your device. There is also the likely event that you accidentally lose the sim card case of the iPhone 5.

What exactly is the sim card case:

As mentioned, the sim card case is the component that is necessary to insert the sim card in the iPhone.

Damage description:

If it is worn or scratched, or if you missed the sim card case of your device, then you can no longer use your iPhone 5 since you can no longer properly insert a sim card in it.


In our professional laboratories we provide you immediate iPhone 5 sim card case repair. Trained and experienced in iPhone 5 repairs, our technicians will check your device and let you know if you need to have an iPhone 5 sim card case repair.

Come to our closest store:

Come for an immediate sim card case repair. You should be aware that during the repair we will insert to your device a new OEM replacement of excellent quality and durability, as we do with all our repairs. In this way we ensure that your iPhone 5 will work again flawlessly.

So come directly in contact with one of our stores.

Our experienced staff is ready to serve you and guide you accordingly. We always conduct our repairs quickly and correctly.

Finally, we always provide our prompt service and guaranteed work at the most competitive prices in the market!

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