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iPhone 5 sensor cable repair

One of the common damages of the iPhone 5 is that of its sensor cable. This may be due to tear and wear caused by intensive use or even from a hit or fall.

What exactly is the sensor cable:

Modern smartphones like the iPhone 5 have a sensor that locks the screen when approaching the device near to your ear. This is a very useful feature, since it prevents unnecessary commands that can be accepted by your device by mistake with your touch.

Damage indications

The usual symptoms of this damage are:

  • screen does not lock when you receive a call
  • screen locks randomly while you use the device
  • screen does not lock when you put the device in your pocket
  • screen does not unlock when you call and you want to use eg. the list of contacts

If you have these signs, you probably need to look up for the corresponding iPhone 5 sensor cable repair, to replace the damaged proximity sensor.


Our specialized staff can offer immediate repair of the sensor cable. The professional technicians will carry out the necessary test of your device directly and will inform you about the damage and the necessary repair.

Come to our closest store:

Come directly in contact with one of our workshops. Our experienced staff will guide you on. We will repair your iPhone's 5 sensor cable responsibly, quickly and effectively. For that we will use, as in all our repairs, a new and durable OEM spare part, which is of excellent quality and fully compatible with your device. We will carry out the repair quickly to soon have a functional mobile again. After repairing the damage your device will work again flawlessly, like new!

Something more important: We always offer you our work at the most competitive prices and with guaranteed results.

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