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iPhone 4S Wi-Fi antenna repair

iPhone's 4S Wi-Fi antenna is valuable, since it allows you to use and exploit the possibilities it provides via wireless connection to the internet.

What exactly is the antenna Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi antenna is mounted at the bottom of your device. This antenna allows for wireless connection to a free internet point and free wireless network. So you can enjoy the countless applications that are offered by your device, e.g. news, check e-mail, weather, link to iTunes and generally surfing the web.

Damage indications:

It is easy to notice by yourself that the Wi-Fi antenna of your iPhone has a problem. You will recognize immediately when your device:

  • has weak signal or is unable to connect to wireless networks
  • will not display Wi-Fi networks, unless you are near the router
  • displays the message "No Wi-Fi"

This means that you will no longer be able to connect to the internet in public or private places that offer free wireless network.


Do not worry if the Wi-Fi antenna of your device presents a problem, since it can be repaired. Our trained technicians are available to solve the problem immediately and properly repair iPhone 4S Wi-Fi antenna.

Come to our closest store:

Come without delay at one of our branches to directly and professionally resolve the problem of your device. You should be aware that the repair of this antenna is not simple. In contrast, it requires special attention, since for this work is necessary to disassemble the entire cell, as the antenna is mounted on its base.

As with all our repairs, we will use new and totally quality OEM replacement part. As always we perform iPhone 4S Wi-Fi antenna repair directly, quickly and correctly. You will not find more competitive prices in the market for such a quality and guaranteed work as ours.

Repair WarrantyRepair Warranty

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