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iPhone 4S LCD screen & digitizer

iPhone 4S is the device that accompanies you everywhere, so unfortunately it is likely that you can accidentally drop it and damage the LCD screen & digitizer any time.

What exactly is the screen of iPhone 4s?

The Retina display of the iPhone 4s is the top of the line when comes to technological advances. It features such precision and density pixel, that pixels are indistinguishable to the human eye. Thanks to its vibrant colors and its brightness you enjoy excellent picture quality. The screen of the iPhone 4s includes the digitizer, which is the primary user interface through which signals are transmitted from the touchscreen to the central unit of the iPhone 4S. In iPhone 4s these two parts (LCD screen & digitizer) form up one unit.

Common symptoms of a broken screen:

If you notice one day that your screen has the following symptoms:

  • Broken or cracked screen
  • Screen with poor or no response
  • Unstable screen
  • Screen with low brightness / random colors
  • Display with digital noise (horizontal / vertical lines, dots, etc.)
  • Applications that open and close arbitrarily
  • Black pixels on the screen

the touch screen or the LCD screen or even both are damaged. You understand that in this state the use of your device is impossible, even if there has been no further damage. We need to proceed in a replacement of the internal LCD screen and external touch screen to resolve the problem.


Bring us or send us your device at one of our stores without any delay. Our qualified and experienced technicians will carry out the necessary checks and will inform you about the time and cost required to complete the iPhone 4s LCD screen & digitizer repair.

After we have your consent, we can proceed to the reparation directly. We will replace the two parts together, since they are one unit in the iPhone 4s.

Come to our closest store:

We carry out this repair directly in our labs, as we have a stock of spare screens and digitizers. As we do with all our repairs, also in this repair we use new OEM spare parts of exceptional strength. That's how we provide a guaranteed quality service that lasts over time. After repairing it the device will not have any difference to a new one. As for the cost, you will not find more competitive prices for our quality of work and materials we offer you.

Contact us directly.

Our staff is always at your disposal and will provide you a quick and efficient service.

Repair WarrantyRepair Warranty

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