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iPhone 3GS SIM card reader repair

The iPhone SIM card reader performs one of the most important functions of your device, since this component allows you to read the SIM card of your device.

What exactly is the SIM card reader?

The SIM card reader is a mechanism which has 6 metal contacts that connect to the SIM card in order to be accessed by the device. It is a vital component for the proper operation of the iPhone, since without its help no SIM card can get recognized by the device.

Damage indications:

The most casual damage of the SIM card reader can be presented to its contacts. Those can get bent or cut out by an accident or due to normal tear and wear. As a result, the sim card will not be recognized by the device, and therefore you will not be able to store information in it. It is not hard to determine if the problem caused by the SIM card or the SIM card reader: If your SIM card reader has been damaged, the device will display the message "No SIM" even if the card is properly installed.


This damage must be repaired immediately; otherwise you will not be able to properly use your device. To complete the repair is necessary to detach the malfunctioning component and insert a new one. Experienced electronic technicians will check your device and then will inform you about the time and cost needed to perform the repair.

Come to our closest store:

Come immediately for a quick and efficient iPhone 3GS SIM card reader repair. Our professional technicians will perform this task with the necessary caution, since this component is mounted on the motherboard. As for all our repairs, we use high quality OEM spare parts that are durable and 100% compatible with your device.

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