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iPhone 3GS dock connector repair

Intensive iPhone 3GS use can cause damage to the 30 pins of the dock connector. This damage can cause various malfunctions.

What exactly is the dock connector?

The dock connector is the rectangular slot positioned in the bottom of your device where cables connect. The same interface is also used by many peripherals, e.g. portable speakers, and car kits. It is a vital component for the synchronization of files with iTunes or with a PC. The dock connector has attached on it the speaker and the microphone of the device.

Dock connector damage indications:

If you suddenly notice that your device:

  • is not charging normally
  • you cannot synchronize to iTunes

then you might have a damaged dock connector. Specifically it is very likely that the pins of the dock connector have suffered some damage due to normal wear and tear or due to an accidental hit or fall of the iPhone. Do not worry. iPhone 3GS dock connector repair is feasible.


To fix the problem of your iPhone 3GS and make it function again flawlessly is necessary to replace the problematic component. Our professional technicians will make the necessary inspections to verify the damage and will inform you about the necessary repair.

Come to our closest store:

We are waiting you in one of our stores for immediate and guaranteed iPhone 3GS dock connector repair. You should know that for this repair, as we do in all our repairs, we will place your device a new OEM spare part of high quality.

We will carry out the iPhone 3GS dock connector repair quickly, correctly and at the best market prices.

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