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iPhone 3GS digitizer replacement

If you had the misfortune to drop your iPhone 3GS, unfortunately it is likely to have its digitizer broken or cracked.

What exactly is the digitizer?

The digitizer of your device is the component of your device that allows you to input the commands you want through your touch.

Digitizer's damage indications:

  • Broken or cracked touch screen
  • Incorrect function of the touch screen
  • Non responsive touch screen
  • Unstable touch screen behavior
  • Applications that open and close arbitrarily

Without the proper function of the touchscreen, the device will not respond at all to your touch or can responds only on specific spots. As you can see, the damage is critical to the use of your iPhone.


In our stores we take immediate and professional action to properly repair the digitizer. Our experience technicians will perform a control of your device. If the digitizer repair is necessary we can start it immediately as soon as we have your consent. We will proceed directly to the replacement of the affected component.

This repair is carried out by our technicians in the shortest possible time in our laboratory. When replacing the digitizer, as in all our repairs, we use durable OEM spare parts, always at the most competitive prices. We can ensure you that we will install in your device a brand new and 100% compatible replacement touchscreen.

You will get an iPhone 3GS with a new touch screen and that will work as well as it did when you bought it!

Come to our closest store:

Contact us if you suspect any damage of your device. Our staff is available to inform you about the repair and guide you on the steps you have to follow to send us your device via courier.

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