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iPhone 3G home button cable repair

This mechanism is on the most important of the device, that's why its malfunction can trouble you.

What exactly is the home button cable?

The home button, located at the bottom of your iPhone's screen, is supporting the functioning of a vital mechanism necessary for the use and exploitation of several applications / capabilities of your precious device. Specifically, in addition to the return to your default home screen (default screen) and the opening / closing of installed apps and browsing the web can be used as a shortcut for accessing Favorites. You just double-tap the home button and you access your "favorite" list.

Damage indications

After some time, depending on your iPhone 3G use, it is likely to notice that the home button is not working or is malfunctioning.

Specifically, if the home button:

  • works only intermittently
  • needs strength to obey
  • is unresponsive

then there is damage to the flex cable, the mechanism that is responsible for the operation of the home button.


To remedy the malfunction of the problematic button you should seek for a proper repair home button iPhone 3G. In our stores we are at your disposal to solve the problem. Our licensed and experienced technicians will check your device and will inform you about the damage and if the repair is necessary.

Come to your nearest iRed store:

To repair the home button cable, as for all our repairs, we will place in your device a new OEM mechanism of top quality, perfectly compatible with your device. We will then arrange the immediate repair, to have again a functional iPhone, like new.

So contact us to inform you and guide you on iPhone 3G home button cable repair. As for our prices, they are always among the most competitive in the market.

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