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iPhone 3G camera lens repair

The iPhone 3G is not a simple mobile phone. Instead, it offers many more features. Among them, is taking pictures. That is why the condition of the camera lens is vital to you.

What exactly is the camera lens of the iPhone 3G?

The lens of the camera, which features 2MP, 1600x1200 pixels, is what allows you to capture important moments of your life without having to always have an digital camera with you.

Damage indications:

If one day you notice that the camera lens of your iPhone 3GS:

  • is scratched
  • is broken
  • or has other signs of wear and tear

resulting in blurry images and poor quality shots, then probably the lens of the iPhone 3G is damaged.


Once you ensure that the problem is not just dust on the lens of your device, then you can turn to us for iPhone 3G camera lens repair. The damage of the iPhone 3G lens is something that can be easily and quickly be handled by our qualified technicians. We will check your device and let you know what repair is needed.

Come to your nearest iRed store:

You just have to bring us or send us your device, we will notify you immediately if it can be repaired and the time required for it.

General shall do so as soon as possible, since in our laboratories have stock of spare lenses for iPhone 3G. For iPhone 3G camera lens repair we always use fully compatible OEM spare parts, brand new and high quality.

Contact us to give you an immediate solution to your problem - always at the most competitive prices!

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